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C. Diff Treatment


If you’re diagnosed with a Clostridium difficile (C. diff) infection, you might benefit from a stool transplant that has good, healthy fecal bacteria. A Ballad Health doctor delivers the good bacteria to your intestine through a colonoscopy to kill the C. diff germs and cure your infection. You might start feeling relief as soon as a day after treatment at Franklin Woods Community Hospital, Johnson City Medical Center or Johnston Memorial Hospital.

Bacteria Transplant Testimonials

“After failing multiple rounds of antibiotics for a recurrent and very serious C. diff infection, my symptoms were getting worse. I had missed eight weeks of work and had become homebound and very weak. I was admitted to Franklin Woods Community Hospital, where Dr. Trey Robertson performed the fecal microbiota (FMT) procedure. The results for me were dramatic. I went home the next day and returned to work within a week. My family and I are so grateful to Franklin Woods for making this procedure a possibility.” — Teresa

“I received the diagnosis of C. diff. After three weeks, I went into septic shock. I was so weak I could hardly make it through the day, let alone work. Dr. Robertson helped to restore that balance during the simple colonoscopy at Franklin Woods Community Hospital. It was over in just a few minutes. The results were amazing and immediate! I felt like I had my life back.” — Gordon