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Financial Assistance Plain Language Summary

Ballad Health offers Financial Assistance to help patients and families who are unable to pay for the cost of medical care. Patients who believe that they cannot afford to pay and that their care does not qualify for governmental assistance programs may qualify for Financial Assistance.

Applying for financial assistance

Your eligibility for Financial Assistance will be determined based on a review of your family’s income, assets and liabilities. Additional information may be requested that ultimately could affect the Hospital’s decision and eligibility for Financial Assistance may vary by program or the hospital facility where you received care.

You may submit an Application for Financial Assistance and supporting documentation to the Patient Financial Services Department. The Application for Financial Assistance can be obtained:

You may contact (423) 262-1379 – for a free copy of the application by mail and to discuss any questions you might have.

Eligibility for financial assistance

All patients will be treated for emergency medical conditions without discrimination and regardless of their eligibility for free or discounted care.

Charges will not exceed amounts generally billed

If you receive Financial Assistance that does not fully cover the cost of your emergency or medically necessary care, you will not be charged more than the amounts we generally bill patients who have insurance.


The Financial Assistance Policy, the Financial Assistance Application, and this Plain Language Summary are available in English and Spanish.

Plain Lanuage Summary - [PDF, 100kb]