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Safe Sitter® Child Care Training

Cost: $35.00

About the Safe Sitter® program

Safe Sitter® began because of a tragedy: the accidental death of a nurse’s child while being cared for by an adult babysitter.

Patricia Keener, M.D. recognized how vulnerable young children are when they’re unprepared providers. So she created a program to teach teens how to be better, safer babysitters.

For more than 35 years, Safe Sitter has been a leader in providing life skills, safety skills and child care training for youth. Now a national nonprofit organization with over 900 registered sitters in all 50 states, Safe Sitter continues to help build safer communities by providing youth with the skills they need to be safe while home alone, watching younger siblings or babysitting.

Babysitting skills taught

The Safe Sitter course focuses on safety, child care, rescue and business skills.

Class content includes:

  • Care of choking infant/child
  • Infant and child CPR
  • Injury prevention/management
  • Safety for the sitter
  • Child care essentials, including diapering practice
  • Behavior management
  • Business skills, including setting fees and screening jobs

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